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Thursday, 31 July, 2014


As you are reading this email, your children are going through what is one of the most important and memorable experiences of Sulam: Their day of army training. It is so organized and well run that even I am not allowed to talk to the campers for fear of distracting them! They are broken up into groups, each led by a commander, and form a real bond with the commander while undergoing various exercises. Each exercise is uniquely designed to teach our campers a certain life value or lesson. It is amazing to watch!

Part of keeping with the spirit of the nature-oriented program is having the campers give in their cell phones. As you can imagine, they will gain a lot more from this without any distractions. They will get them back in the morning. Below you will find a few pictures from army day. All of the kids are very into it- even if you think “not my child”! 🙂

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