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Summer 2015: Living Inspired

Tuesday, 21 April, 2015

Summer 2015: Living Inspired

We say it over and over again because it’s one of our fundamental philosophies and core values. It is what makes summer camp the uniquely transformative experience that it is and is the foundation to this summer’s theme: “Living Inspired.”

Camp is an environment where children not only learn about their Judaism, but live it. Through experience and experiential education, our campers have the opportunity to learn from passionate, inspiring teachers, counselors and staff, and from each other. They have the chance to live that Torah in their bunks or on their ball fields, on Shabbat or through Shiria, during tefilla or on Trip Day. Torah learning, mitzvah observance, and Zionism define the natural rhythm of Morasha, every minute of every day, and help our campers grow in their service to Hashem. To not only “observe and study,” but to do so with “heart and soul.”

This summer, we will focus on strengthening this mitzvah observance and commitment to halacha. In our formal learning, campers will go through a custom-designed camp curriculum, “Living it Right, from Morning to Night,” which teaches Jewish law and philosophy through their daily camp schedule. Through camp-wide events and programs, we will explore challenges and opportunities of living as a Jew in the modern world. And finally, as a camp, we will look for ways to not only live life, but live inspired lives while inspiring others.

In Summer 2015, we will Learn it. Love it. and Live it.
The Camp Morasha Team

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