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Our Focus – Our Children

Friday, 26 June, 2015

Our Focus – Our Children

Our 2015 Staff have arrived — and they are incredible. As we begin our first full day of Orientation, I wanted to share with all our parents and friends what the training for Camp Morasha is all about. We’ve restructured our staff sessions from the ground up and hope you enjoy reading through a portion of the 2015 Summer Guide by clicking here. I’m confident that this summer’s staff training will ensure that our staff is professional, responsible, caring, and sensitive to every camper’s needs.

This summer, we’ve introduced a whole host of measures to upgrade and enhance the security and safety in camp. Between hiring a local officer to patrol the roads bordering our camp, positioning two full-time guards for internal security, installing new bedrails for all bunkbeds, and mandating criminal and abuse background checks and FBI-record fingerprinting for our entire staff, we continue to develop ways to ensure a safe and healthy summer for all.

As you read through our training schedule and the summer guide, you may notice our mission embedded within each page. Fun is important. Giving your children the summer of their lives is key. But it doesn’t end there. It’s through the vehicle of fun and with a sense of spirit that we’re able to instill the values that are so important to us all. We look forward to offering a summer that is both enjoyable and growth-oriented for every camper.

The 2015 Summer Guide is available here.

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