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Here We Go!

Thursday, 2 July, 2015

Here We Go!

Older Shtili Boys had an awesome first few days! On Wednesday, our bunk had our first specialty activities: archery and riflery. We split up into two groups with our counselors. One group was with Yair Zakai and the other was with Judah Wagner, and each went to a different activity.

At archery, Tom showed us how to shoot the bows. We shot at the hay and tried to shoot as many balloons as we possibly could. The record was 5 balloons shot, by me! At riflery, Chris showed us how not to shoot each other :), but to shoot the targets. First, you take a magazine and load the gun; then cock your gun and carefully aim; take your gun off safety and fire away!!

On Wednesday night, we had an NBA all star tournament. We had a three point contest, a scoring duo competition, a foul shot shootout and a half court contest, all sponsored by NIKE (not really;).

Tuesday’s night activity was also fun: we had counselors asking us true or false questions. Apparently, Yair found an M16 in his bathroom, Michael swallowed a quarter and Yehoshua broke Abe’s leg at some point. In addition, for those who weren’t sure, Yehoshua DID NOT jump out of a plane!

On Thursday, our leagues started, and our teams are named after Chinese takeout foods, like Mou Foo Yung, General Tso’s Chicken, and Egg Roll. For more details, go to your local Chinese restaurant. Bon appétit!

Till next time, à la prochaine fois,

Yours truly,

Nathan Lieberman 

Bunk B12, OSB 2015

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