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Older Shtili All Stars Score Big

Friday, 3 July, 2015

Older Shtili All Stars Score Big

On Wednesday night we had a great night activity called the All Star Basketball Challenge. The first competition was the three point challenge which had the most people signed up. It’s harder than it sounds! You may think you could score three pointers easily, but in this challenge you had 15 shots in one minute. There were a few kids that scored six and some that scored less. We then took a break from that to do some other competitions and came back to it after. With six still being the most, it was Noam Benlulu’s turn. He went 3 for 5 on his first 5 shots and didn’t stop there. In the end he hit 9 threes and won the competition.

The scoring duo was another competition which was more fun to watch, because I wasn’t in it. The winners were Yossi Dahan and Eli Neuwirth. They scored more than any other team, hitting the 1 point layups, 3 point elbow jumpers, and the 5 point threes. The half court shot was a very anticipated challenge and sparked a great pre-celebration by Ethan Davidson (pictured above).  It turns out not many people can score it, and no one there did. There were a few that came close but none went in.

The foul shot competition was fun to watch, but probably not fun to be in. You had one shot to score and if you scored it, you got another shot. The layup competition also was fun to watch but was probably more fun to be in. You could take any layup you wanted to and the division head, Jason, judged your layup on your creativity. The winner ended up being Jonah Schacter who did a spin under the basket and put in a reverse layup with one hand and got a 9.5 from Jason. Some other layups were jumping over someone on a chair which scored a 9 (Joseph Schwartz), and someone taking off their Stephen Curry jersey only to have a Michael Jordan jersey underneath, but he ended up missing the layup and scoring a 7.5 (Sam Hilbert). The all star competition was a great success!

By: Ian Bromberg B-13

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