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It’s About Time…for FIFA!

Tuesday, 7 July, 2015

It’s About Time…for FIFA!

Following a meaningful Shiva Asar B’Tammuz, topped off with ice cream sundaes, we were ready for a jam-packed day of fun on Monday.

Girls Campus had a blast at a new activity called “It’s About Time,” where everyone was divided into four teams – Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer – based on which month their birthday falls out. After a day of sports competitions and an exhilarating color run, the teams presented several creative projects in the Mercazia, all connected to their seasonal theme, including a cheer, dance, art project and “perfect pitch” performance. After all the scores were tallied up, team Winter was declared the winner!

Boys Campus had an intense FIFA World Cup tournament. Sixteen teams across all the divisions played competitive soccer matches all day, wearing colorful socks and T-shirts to represent their respective countries, with Chile ultimately crowned as the champion.

We are looking forward to a special hypnotist show tonight, and our camp-wide trip to Six Flags on Thursday!

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