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A Week of Fun

Sunday, 12 July, 2015

A Week of Fun

The past week in Camp Morasha was a week I will never forget! The Manhigim started off with a special Vatikin minyan on Shiva Asar B’Tammuz.  Then, on Monday, the entire boys campus competed in FIFA.  I was on team Brazil (pictured), and we were the champions!

On Tuesday night, we had a great hypnotist show by Ronnie Baras.  He made Oren Neuwirth whip, nae nae, whip, whip, and nae nae.  Oren thought he was the rapper Silentó!  It was so funny.  Ronnie also made everyone think they were at the kotel, and they were crying and davening.

On Thursday, we went to Six Flags Great Escape, where I went on the Boomerang coaster and a few water slides, including one which you stand in, and they release the floor.  It was awesome!

I can’t wait for the Olympics, which are starting tonight with the torch ceremony.  I hope I win!

by: Adam Bromberg, B-22

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