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Olympics X

Wednesday, 15 July, 2015

Olympics X

Morasha had their annual Olympics this week! We started off with an amazing opening ceremony introducing each country’s ambassadors. Our very own counselor, Yehoshua Lehrer (B11), was the Ambassador for Switzerland. The next day got off to a quick start.  All the countries — Fiji, Switzerland, Ireland and South Africa — battled it out in their different competitions. We played team handball, soccer, tennis, hockey and water polo, and also had individual activities including sumo wrestling, ping pong, subway surfers and arm wrestling. We also had a marathon, which Switzerland won by a mile!

At night, we had an interesting halftime show with some guys on roller-skates  who were breakdancing, doing flips and juggling basketballs. Each team also decorated the dining room and had foods from their countries. Switzerland had Swiss mac n’ cheese, Ireland had green-tinted leprechauns and a castle, Fiji had a beach with sand, and South Africa had a safari with animals. It was pretty cool.

The second day, South Africa won the gold in handball and Fiji won the gold in soccer. Switzerland won the gold in tennis and Ireland won the gold in water polo. We also had a triathlon, which South Africa won (even though they might have cheated.) At night, we all went to the Mercazia, where all the gold medal winners were announced. Switzerland won first place with 15 gold medals and 17 silver medals. Avi Tepler won a gold medal for ping pong, Avery Stepner won the silver in handball, Gabi Warshaw won a silver for the Switzerland soccer team, and Sam Mandel won a bronze for soccer.

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