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Olympics Recap

Wednesday, 15 July, 2015

Olympics Recap

The highlight of our week was our 10th annual Olympics, which began Sunday night with a torch procession and opening ceremony at the Coliseum to announce the ambassadors who would lead Fiji, Ireland, South Africa and Switzerland. It was a whirlwind two days of fun and games as athletes joined their squads and competed in sports, a triathlon, a marathon, a dance-off and a trivia challenge. Campers also competed in a variety of individual skills contests, including archery, arm wrestling, mountaineering, jump rope and gymnastics.

Each team hosted one meal in the dining room, using creative decorations, music and ethnic food to represent their country. From the Tiki Bar on a sandy beach during the Fiji Fusion lunch to the African Safari dinner with monkeys hanging from the fans, and from the snowy Alps during the Swiss Cheese lunch to a green-tinted Irresistibly Irish dinner featuring leprechauns and a castle, Morasha’s Olympic Village was full of international flair, as each country embraced its unique spirit and culture.

The competition was balanced out by spiritual training sessions with special Olympic-themed shiurim, as well as an entertaining half-time show by Urban Circus Spectacular, with juggling and breakdancing. After all the medals were awarded, Switzerland was the winner, with 15 gold medals and 17 silver medals.

We are looking forward to our annual camp-wide night trip to the movies tonight, to see “Inside Out” at a drive-in theater.

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