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Week in Review – Week 2

Friday, 17 July, 2015

Week in Review – Week 2

Our second week on Sulam was truly amazing! After a beautiful first Shabbat in the Kibbutz Lavi hotel, filled with singing, bonding, and learning about Kibbutz life, we started off the week together learning all about the ancient Jewish community of Tzipori, followed by a stunning and challenging hike in the Carmel. The views were breathtaking.

Monday was an action packed day. We went to the Az Iz goat farm, where we learned how to make cheese and how to milk goats, and made our very own fresh focaccia and salads for lunch. We then headed to Nahal Kibbutzim, where the campers were challenged in a variety of fun team building games in the water. Being in the cool water on such a hot day was much needed, and everyone had a blast, saying it was the best day yet!

Funny enough, they said the same thing the very next day, where we spent the day at the Canada Center ice skating and bowling. This was followed by fruit picking, and the highlight- delivering of tons of food that we raised our money for and delivered to soldiers at a nearby army base. It was a very special experience spending some time with them, realizing that they are just a few years older than the campers and that they have a lot in common.

After an exciting boys vs. girls Color War at night in our hostel in Chispin, Wednesday featured a visit to the DeKarina chocolate factory, where we each made our own chocolate delicacies, and drove up to Misgav Am, which borders Lebanon and Syria. There, we heard a fascinating and gripping account from Aryeh, a 75 year old American who made aliyah as a teen and fought in every major war. He told us his experiences of living at the border for nearly 60 years. It was inspiring and very interesting.

On Thursday, we started off our morning with a surprise activity – Sulam’s first ever Color Run (see the pictures online)! Everyone had a blast performing a variety of obstacles and getting very colorful in the process. Continuing our exploration of the north, we went water hiking in Ein Tina and then made our way up to Tzefat. We spent the night on the boardwalk of Tiberias, enjoying a nice dinner and having a blast dancing on a boat ride in the Kineret.

On Friday, we had the opportunity to learn about art and Kabbalah from artists in Tzefat. We had the opportunity to explore Tzefat’s art-centered community, including the candle factory and glass-blowing exhibits. In the afternoon, we split up, with the boys having the option of going to the Ari’s Mikveh or challah baking, and the girls having the option of baking challah or going to a special educational program on women’s mikvah. We are having an amazing time on Sulam, and are looking forward to a special and spiritual Shabbat in Tzefat! As always, photos can be viewed online at

Shabbat Shalom,
R’ Aaron Fleksher & the Sulam Team

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