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The Fim Life

Monday, 20 July, 2015

The Fim Life

Hi, we are the Alufim. Being an Alufim camper feels much different than our past years at Camp Morasha. First and foremost, we are granted many privileges and responsibilities that we didn’t have in the past, including night canteen, grilling and extended curfew.  We also have a typical Morasha schedule with an added basketball period! We are told to act like role models and we live up to those expectations by leading the Shabbos cheering and singing in the dining room, showing up to activities on time and cleaning up our bunks with enthusiasm. We have the best division head in camp, Mike Friedman a.k.a. SHAQ!!! He is a natural leader and treats every single camper with respect. Our counselors are great as well and bring an aspect of Torah into our everyday lives.

And now, for the important stuff: Basketball Leagues stats:

Standings as of July 20th

1. Shmuel Rosenthal

2. Sredni Slammers

3. Yehuda Korman

4.  David Appelbaum/Brasch

5. Alex Hirt

6. Moshe Beiser

7. Mike Hirt

8. Zevi Litwinn

Leagues update: Led by Noam Kuritzky and an astonishing core of players, Shmuel Rosenthal’s team has gotten off to a great 12-3 start. Elie Roz has led Moshe Beiser’s team to a solid start and is looking likely to be Alufim league’s scoring title champion. The Sredni Slammers figure to be Rosenthal’s biggest foe leading to the playoffs, having defeated the team twice off the combination of Dani Roz’s unlimited energy, Devin Berman’s sweet midrange jumper and Yoni Sapadin’s crafty driving. Doni Sausen seems to be the league’s most unstoppable 3 point shooter, trademarking his famous line “Somebody guard me!” @ Brown. He and the powerful Sammy Sokol have proved to be a deadly duo. Appelbaum and Brasch seem to be on the rise with return of superstar Gideon Velenski. That’s all folks.

Until next time,

Devin Berman, Evan Chesner and Max Wiederhorn

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