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Looking Back at Visiting Day

Tuesday, 21 July, 2015

Looking Back at Visiting Day

This was a great follow-up week to the Olympic week! We started up with my favorite day of this camp month: Visiting day! There were kippahs to buy, Morasha merchandise for sale at the beach pavilion, and my personal favorite: Como Pizza. It was great to see my sisters and parents again (we went to Jericho’s Dairy Bar which Morasha calls DJ’s for some reason. We waited in line for a hour, but it was still worth it!).

When my parents left we had hockey leagues and played “Beat the Fanatic.”  There were sport questions and you had to get more questions correct than the fanatic. Rabbi Krinsky was the fanatic. I don’t think anyone beat him. On Tuesday we had 3 on 3 tournaments. My team got out in the second round. In the end Jonah Hornblass’s team won.

Today is Israel Day! During breakfast, we had a donkey, two rabbits, and two chickens in the dining room (it only smelled a little). Then we visited the shuk in the Mercazia. There was a mini petting zoo with a sheep, a goat and the chickens, but only one bunny. We also found Israeli cities on a map to win watermelon, heard stories and made pita.

I’m sad that I’m leaving camp on changeover day next week, but I’m happy I will get to see my parents and sisters again.

“That’s all for this summer, folks!

Alex Hersh, B-15

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