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A Day in B-25

Tuesday, 21 July, 2015

A Day in B-25

Every day at 8:20 we hear the ear-gauging sound of counselor Shmuel Rosenthal’s terrible music. After 20 minutes of delaying the inevitable, the late risers such as 3 on 3 champ Dani Roz, and of course Mook, finally get out of bed. After 5 minutes of walking 3 miles  to the girl’s pavilion, half the bunk suddenly realizes they are without their tzitzit. Following a long davening and a scrumptious breakfast meal, our bunk heads back to home base for a nice relaxing shiur period. After shiur is clean-up, where our bunk is attempting a triple crown for pizza, Jericho Dairy Bar, and a Walmart & Co run.

Next, we head to ball facilities where intense matchups take place and then there is the other game against Alec Goldstein’s team. After a great period of hardcore basketball and Shalom Ezekiel sniping 3s, we have optional swim, aka free time. After SHAQ!!!!! finally succeeds in getting everyone out of the bunks, football leagues begin? Next is lunch where everyone gathers as much bread and cheese as possible and runs back down to the pavilion to get an open outlet. Then, we don’t have hockey leagues — we prefer the arts of European handball which has yet to see the daylight in Camp Morasha. In the afternoon, the bunk (minus Stevie) heads to specialty, which consists of the activities of baking, baking, or baking. Later, we have our second period of 3 intense ball games and a blowout featuring yet another tough loss by the 0-Alec Goldstein squad.

Finally we get to our great shower period where an anonymous member of the B25 squad prefers to go barefoot. Next, we show up to Mincha and observe the DRS kids in their exotic Adidas track pants. Finally, we round the day off with dinner and the usual night canteen with a solid ratio of the whole Alufim division (minus Alec Goldstein’s saddened squad) paired up with a total of 5 girls. As we head to bed we prepare ourselves for the arrival of Jack “Bane” Stepner. Goodnight B25! Sweet dreams, Alec.

Written by: Iron Pumpkin Diet Chez, Shabsi Roz, Zaus Baus, and Wieds King of the Whip

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