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OSG: Divisions Who Stomp Together, Stay Together

Friday, 24 July, 2015

OSG: Divisions Who Stomp Together, Stay Together

The Older Shtili girls had an awesome week to add to a great summer. This Thursday we had 4-way intercamps. The camps were Morasha, Mesorah, Lavi, Nesher, and Moshava Yachad. The Older Shtili girls and boys went to Lavi along with the Younger Shtili girls and boys. There were three shifts of sports, with each shift having different kids play different games. There was tons of sports such as basketball, flag football, newcomb, gaga, dodgeball, track, and so much more. The Older Shtili Girls won most of the sports that they played. It was awesome! We saw tons of our friends that we’ve missed over the summer. People also came to Morasha and loved all the food we served. Every division had tons of fun!

DSC04719Later that night we had Division vs Division Stomp, which is where you have to make noises with objects and not use your mouth to talk or sing. The Older Shtilim came in third, the Ilanot came in second, and the Manhigim/Got won first place, for the second year in a row. The Older Shtilim based their stomp on various types of Judaism: Reform, Sefardi, Ashkenazi, unaffiliated jews, and Chasidim. We were in a shul davening, and when each group came out the drummers drummed to a different beat. In the middle of the stomp, or “the davening,” the unaffiliated Jews started taking selfies and the Chazan, Yair Zakai, made them stop so they could finish “davening.” At the end, every type of Jew came together to show that we are all one and all believe in Hashem no matter how close we are to Him.

The Older Shitilis had an awesome week and can’t wait for next week! We are really sad to say goodbye to the first monthers and can’t wait to see you back here next year!

Until next time,

Gabi Mogilner and Michal Benloulou, G-11

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