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Changeover Day in B-11

Wednesday, 29 July, 2015

Changeover Day in B-11

It all started on Monday night when B-11 exchanged goodbyes with the departing campers and had a good time. We woke up Tuesday morning in a bad mood because for half our bunk, Morasha 2015 was over. After everyone left, the kids who were staying for 2 months changed beds so everybody was able to get a single bed.  Up until lunch, B-11 was waiting for the arrival of Ezra Baron who would later join our bunk. Now our bunk has 8 kids instead of 16 so we have more room in our bunk to chill. Our new counselors, Yehuda and Jonah, are chill people and they joke around with us and chill with us. On Monday night, we had our first night activity of session number 2 as OSB. We had a really fun ping pong tournament (Akiva won) and movie/canteen night. We watched “Mcfarland” and ate hot fudge brownies and hot pretzels. We can’t wait to get second month started!

See you later, Avery Stepner B-11

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