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OSB’s Awesome Night Activities

Friday, 31 July, 2015

OSB’s Awesome Night Activities

This week in Camp Morasha there were a lot of fun activities going on. One of those many fun activities was the carnival on Friday. There were bouncy houses, obstacle courses, slides, and races. But the highlight of the week for older Shtili boys had to be the great night activities courtesy of Jason David. Some night activities were hot canteen, ping pong tournament, a movie, pool party, smores, BBQ, make your own pizza at Como’s, and off duty training in the tank with the Israeli Mishlachat.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.20.37 PMOff duty training was a great program, that taught us the importance of working as a team, and how teamwork is important if you want to succeed in the army. One way they taught us this was by making kids walk on wood that was held by teammates. In order to get across the room and back, you would have to work together and carry the logs for your teammate to walk on. If you didn’t move fast enough, or work as a team, your teammate would fall and you would have to start over. Another way the Israelis taught us the importance of teamwork was by making us lock our feet into slits of big skis made of wood, and we would have to walk across the room, working together. If even one person would walk with their left foot, while everyone else was using their right foot, the whole team would fall over and you would have to start again. To get from one place to the next, the person in front would call out left, right, left, right, etc. until everyone on his ‘ski’ would make it to the other side of the tank and back.

osb pizzaWhen we made our own pizza at Como’s they gave us our own dough to spread and squish. Then we put sauce on and they took it and added cheese and cooked it for us. Some people even added French fries! The pizza tasted great! The ping pong tournament was also really fun. Jason made a bracket of all the kids in the division, and the winner, Akiva Perlysky came out on top and got DJ’s as a prize.

So this is us signing out,

Sam Hilbert, Sammy Portnoy, and Henri (Ashi) Norman

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