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Singing, Football, and More Singing

Tuesday, 4 August, 2015

Singing, Football, and More Singing

The Eitan Katz Melave Malka on Saturday night started out with a color war fakeout saying that there was a bear on campus and everyone should stay in the Mercazia (there was no bear), and a camp-wide havdalah from Eitan Katz.  After that, the camp enjoyed dancing to the singing of Eitan Katz. It was a great night.

Sunday Morning, Boys Campus were told their teams, given their shirts, and played three games to be seeded for the Superbowl Sunday playoffs. My team was the Arizona Cardinals. After the three seeding games, my team had a bye as the number one seed. In the second round of the playoffs, we played against the Green Bay Packers, and won in about five overtimes, by a touchdown. In the third round, we played the Eagles and beat them by two or three touchdowns. Then, in the champs, we played against J.J. Blinken, Coby Kranz, and Z.J. Saks plus a few Alufim boys. We were winning with 3 minutes left, 13-6, and they scored a touchdown, so we were up 13-12. They decided to go for two, and got the extra point, and won 14-13.

Sunday night, we had a very funny night activity, Karaoke, with stars like our counselor Sam Rochlin, our division head Yoni Pollock, and Ari Mitchell, Aiden Englander, Adam Schwartz, Shlomi Krauss, Ariel Haymov and many songs by Jonathan Kazlow and Natey Simantov. It was one funny night activity!! 

I can’t wait for the real color war breakout!!

Until next time,

Adam Bromberg B-22 

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