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Raising Us Up

Tuesday, 4 August, 2015

Raising Us Up

A highlight of the past week was Monday’s “Shiria: Raising Us Up,” a beautiful night of music and singing that brought both campuses together. This year, Shiria was dedicated to our camp parents. Each song was uniquely chosen, introduced and presented in honor of our mothers and fathers and as a thank you for their support, dedication and love. A special video “Dear Parents: Thank You,” was also shown, featuring our campers expressing their gratitude to their parents for everything they do. Each campus sang two songs, accompanied by our new camper orchestra, with the girls being crowned the winner for their original renditions of “Kamu Baneha” and “Malchuscha,” with boys campus putting on a good show with “Kol B’rama” and “Hafachta.”

On Tuesday, we bid a fond farewell to our first-monthers, and were excited to welcome 60 new campers to the Morasha family for our second session. Activities were in full swing for their arrival, with pool parties, pizza-making, ping pong tournaments and cookouts among some of the fun-filled night activities.

On Wednesday, Manhigim/Got and Alufim/Fot enjoyed “Machzor Bet Madness,” where they went out of camp for a bowling trip and dinner in Woodbourne. Friday’s schedule featured a Shabbat Nachamu carnival where everyone had a blast going on the giant slides, bounce houses, rides and other attractions.

For shabbos, we welcomed Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz as our guest speaker, as well as Eitan Katz, who enhanced our davening throughout Shabbos and performed during a great Melave Malka (and colorwar fakeout breakout!) on Saturday night, featuring singing, dancing, and a beautiful kumsitz.

On Sunday, we started the week with renewed energy, with boys campus all revved up for their annual Super Bowl Sunday, and girls campus immersed in an all-new activity called Bunk Wars. Both campuses had a great day of competitive fun, using their skills to work together with their teammates.

Monday night was girls campus’ inaugural “Night at the Oscars,” a wonderful evening which began with a pre-show red carpet entrance and interviews with actresses in the performance. The show featured campers and staff singing and dancing to music from some of the latest movies, as their acting and musical skills were on full display. Stay tuned to hear about the rest of our week!


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