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OSB’s Awesome Lip Sync

Wednesday, 5 August, 2015

OSB’s Awesome Lip Sync

This week we had Lip Sync Battle for a night activity. It was fun! First there were 10 people for the first round. The winner was a tie between Yonah Benami and JoJo Velenski. There were a lot of great performances like Yossi Dahan (who did “Wheels on the Bus”) and Benjy Fuld (with “Cheerleader”). Ezra Wallach (with “Headphones”) did very well but nobody noticed because he was ‘da first one to perform. Avery Stepner wanted to be in it but he thought it was actually singing. Some people were not watching and just eating pretzalELYS.

Till next time,

Yossi Dahan and Gabi Warshaw, B-11

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