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A Day in B-11

Wednesday, 5 August, 2015

A Day in B-11

We start it up with wake up at 7:40 a.m. when Jonah Waldman puts on music and pours water on Yossi, and Yehuda takes my blanket away for the day.  Then we have lineup/shacharit where we talk to God, and some prefer to talk to their friends… After davening, we walk to breakfast and eat whatever great food Morasha gives us. Then is cleanup and ball leagues, where Jonah S. always wins. My squad is 2-3, sitting at third place. Then we have specialty, where Fuld always catches fish and the YCQ kids always hit the targets in Archery. Next is lake swim where everyone ends up playing KanJam.

After swim we have shiur which usually starts 25 minutes late due to the pro chefs in the kitchen making us great lunches. Then we have free time where we play on our iPods, and of course play real ball (since free time goes through our “next activity” of field sports).  Next we have hockey where Levy somehow has Gellis so they win every game and my team has two people who play despite dealing with wrist injuries. Then we have pool swim where the counselers donimate in city-(Basketball game).  Then we have Hachana, which is another free time for me.  Then we have dinner which is also great food, followed by night activity. I’m always tired but I do shower, and then play on Gabi’s iPad.  After that “activity” I go to bed (with my Blanket!!!!!!).

Goodbye for now,

Avery Stepner, B-11

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