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Morasha Mania Arrives!

Sunday, 9 August, 2015

Morasha Mania Arrives!

We were so excited to welcome over 120 campers to Morasha Mania today! Morasha Mania is a mini-camp for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders, who come to camp for three days and two nights to experience some of the magic of Morasha. They are having a blast trying out many of our amazing activities, including swimming, sports, fishing, horseback riding, baking, rock climbing, shiur, and arts and crafts. They are also enjoying many special night activities – from hikes and cookouts to pool parties and roller skating, it will be hard to leave after just three days of nonstop fun! 

The past week at camp was also super! Tuesday night, we hosted a festive Sheva Brachot for Morasha alumni Gabriella (Fadlun) and Yitz Mendlowitz, with a celebratory dinner. Mazel Tov! Following dinner, the whole camp enjoyed a surprise concert by Gad Elbaz, and everyone had a blast singing and dancing, especially to “Hashem Melech,” a Morasha favorite and Gad Elbaz original.

On Wednesday, the Manhigim went on a special outing to Lake Como Pizza, followed by an afternoon at the Frenchwoods Golf Course. Thursday, the Alufim/Fot drove to JFK airport to embark on their much-anticipated five-day, five-state Road Trip, a highlight of the summer. They spent an inspiring and memorable Shabbos together in Florida and look forward to traveling to South Carolina, Virginia Beach and Washington, D.C. 

Awesome night activities continued last week as well, with overnights, lip synching contests, cupcake wars and Family Feud keeping everyone on their toes.

Stay tuned to hear about our upcoming Trip Day!

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