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OSB Fear Factor

Tuesday, 11 August, 2015

OSB Fear Factor

This Sunday the Older Shtilis had co-ed Fear Factor, boys vs. girls. The boys started by walking carefully from the Beach Pavilion to the Coliseum (in the dark) where we met the girls on the way. The reason we had to walk carefully was because we heard that somewhere near the camp there was a bear. We all got there safely! Once we got to the Coliseum we were told to sit around a small area of grass surrounded by torches. Our division head Jason David started the night activity by asking for two volunteers for the first challenge. One kid had to put a blindfold on and the other had to feed him baby food. The kid who ate the baby food had to guess what the food was. The girls guessed carrots every time, and they were wrong every time. The boys got one right and won the round.

The night activity continued with other challenges, including eating fake poop from a diaper, and getting keys from a tin of live worms. In one challenge Ian Friedman cracked eggs with his head and passed the yolk to someone to put into a cup. The boys won most of the challenges, and won Fear Factor. The night activity ended with counselors playing Twister with condiments like ketchup and jelly. As we walked back to Boys Campus we heard Rabbi Aryeh Yudin say over the walkie talkie not to worry about the bear and that it was behind Girls Campus (where the night activity was) and so we had to be escorted back to Boys Campus by warehouse workers on golf carts.

I’m really looking forward to the trip tomorrow! I heard we’re going white water rafting, going to the Wayne County Fair, and watching the Minions movie, followed by Como Pizza.

by Daniel Singer, B15

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