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Last Full Week for the Manhigim

Thursday, 13 August, 2015

Last Full Week for the Manhigim

Manhigim had an awesome night on Sunday with the Panic night activity. Impressions of wake-up, staff meetings and counselors were performed by the campers. The clear winner of Panic was B-22 with notable performances by: Adam Schwartz, Shlomi Krauss, Oren Neuwirth, JJ Blinken, Binyamin Tannenbaum, ZJ Saks, Ari Mitchell, Daniel Hirsh, Benny Waxman, Jason Levine and Jack Ganchrow.

The Gim/Got NYC Bash was so much fun! Between getting wet on the Beast Boat Ride, limo rides, and sleeping at an arcade (sleep at the arcade ranged from 0-3 ½ hours) the gim/got had a blast!

In the upcoming play of Grease, the Manhigim are excited to see, Oren Neuwirth, Shlomi Kraus, the backstage group of Binyamin Tannenbaum, Adam Bromberg, Adam Schwartz, Ari Mitchell and the band featuring Ben Leifer, Jonathan Kazlow and Calev Koppel.

With color war around the corner (which is probably breaking out at Grease) and league championships, the Manhigim are excited, however, are also sad to be leaving camp in less than a week.

Until Next Year,

Coby Kranz- B-22

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