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90 Days: Personal & Profesh

Wednesday, 13 April, 2016

90 Days: Personal & Profesh

For new camp families, this 90-day announcement may – at first – seem trivial. For returning families, this will be welcomed as one of the most exciting and innovative improvements to their child’s camping experience!

We’re thrilled to announce a transformative change in the way we do camp laundry! We’ve signed a contract with a new cutting-edge laundry facility, which will offer each camper the ability to send his or her laundry in an individualized laundry bag. The laundry will be returned the next day neatly folded in an enclosed wrapped package for the specific camper. This will not only ensure cleaner bunks and cleaner clothes, but will avoid clothing getting misplaced.

Just one more way to make your child’s experience that much better.
See you in 90!

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