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40 Days: Morasha Runs B’Simcha!

Tuesday, 24 May, 2016

40 Days: Morasha Runs B’Simcha!

On the first Friday of Morasha 2016, hundreds of campers and staff will ‘run for life’ at the Morasha Runs B’Simcha marathon. We’re calling on you to join our team to build a brand new ‘Candyland Canteen’ in Camp Simcha / Camp Simcha Special for their 430 campers! Whether you raise $0, $100, or $1,000, we can’t wait to run together and show support — from one summer camp to another. You can sign up today at!

At Camp Simcha, campers trade hospital rooms and doctors’ offices for summers of fun and friendship that builds confidence and courage to persevere through adversity. Every day packs in a full 24 hours of amazing, fun-filled activities led by trained volunteer counselors whose specialty is showering children with love and fostering bonds that stand the test of time. The program is a mixture of adapted traditional camp activities and special events, including talent shows, concerts, helicopter and motorcycle rides that make every hour super-special. It all takes place at our magnificent campground in Glen Spey, NY, where every building is climate-controlled and the entire facility, including the waterfront and swimming center, is handicapped-accessible.
And because we know that caring for a sick child is expensive, both Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special are tuition-free!
All the money you raise goes to fund a brand new facility for Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special’s 430 children — the “Candyland Canteen.” This new facility promises to bring thousands of smiles to the campers at Camp Simcha.
Chai Lifeline is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All sponsorships are fully tax deductible.

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