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It’s About Time… for FIFA!

Thursday, 14 July, 2016

It’s About Time… for FIFA!

A highlight of this week was Tuesday, when girls had a mini color-war called “It’s About Time” and boys competed in the annual FIFA tournament.

Girls campus was divided into four teams, each representing a different decade: 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. They competed in sports and swim meets, and also worked on special projects throughout the day, incorporating cultural and historical highlights of their decade, ending off with an exhilarating color run in the afternoon. At night, everyone gathered in the mercazia to present a team cheer, a decorated cake, creative dance, video, a capella music performance and a fashion show displaying their team’s distinctive styles. After all the creative and entertaining presentations, the 80s pink team was declared the winner, and everyone enjoyed a rocking dance party.

Meanwhile during FIFA, boys campus was divided into 48 teams, each representing a different country. Decked out in colorful socks representing their team, they played nine-minute soccer matches throughout the day, culminating in the championships, where the victors emerged: Dominican Republic (Nitzanim and Younger Shtilim), Slovakia (Older Shtilim and Ilanot) and Belgium (Manhigim and Alufim).

Can’t wait for tonight, when girls and boys will compete against each other during the much-anticipated Shiria sing-off!

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