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Week Three 2022

Friday, 15 July, 2022

Week Three 2022

Dear Parents & Friends,

I was hired to serve as Camp Director at the age of 25. When interviewed for the position, I listed 10 reasons why I thought the Board of Directors were out of their minds to consider me for this position — and my age certainly trended towards the top of that list. Little did I know that, in summer camp, one’s age becomes a virtually insignificant metric. Kindness and one’s skill-set rises above age.

Where else can a trio of 17 year olds become responsible for a group of children 24/7? Where else do a Senior Staff ranging from 21 to 73 work with complete mutual respect and camaraderie? How amazing was it to see young campers and staff take lead in the incredibly inspiring Shiria event that we all experienced last night?

The third of six summer camp elements that I am so passionate about is simple: Age is overrated. I myself was a product of this magical reality as a camper, as I was given the opportunity to organize and manage projects and events in camp that I would never be able to do at home. It is a privilege to now be able to do that for our own campers and staff — and to empower the next generation of passionate leaders.

Jeremy Joszef
Director, Camp Morasha

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