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Week Six 2023

Friday, 4 August, 2023

Week Six 2023

Summer camp is like a window that opens up a world of possibilities and allows children to see beyond their everyday lives. Just as a window provides a view to the outside, camp offers a unique perspective and an opportunity for children to explore new horizons, broaden their understanding, and embrace new experiences.

Similarly, windows offer glimpses into the outdoors. Camp exposes children to the wonders of nature — whether it’s exploring forests, swimming in lakes, or gazing at starry skies. In 2023, this may be the most obvious benefit of summer camp — but has increasingly become one of the most important aspects of this experience: Unplugging campers of all devices so that they can fully immerse themselves in — and connect with — their environment.

As a parent myself, I don’t believe I need to elaborate on this. It’s a daily struggle in my own household to balance the strong desire to have my children off devices while using them as a crutch as Rachel and I need to simply ‘get stuff done.’ I recognize that this only gets exponentially more complicated as children grow older and are exposed to unintended media and content. This is a massive issue that we, as a community, need to address. But, for this short moment, I feel fortunate to spend seven weeks in a camp where children are fully removed from electronic devices and are able to fully immerse themselves in the magic of summer camp. It’s the biggest blessing for our kids.

You can enjoy a glimpse into this magic through this week’s PreShabbat Video by clicking here.

Jeremy Joszef
Director, Camp Morasha

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