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Week One 2024

Tuesday, 9 July, 2024

Week One 2024

Dear Parents,

Hineinu — we are here! Our campers and staff have begun the magical and meaningful journey of summer camp. We’ve never experienced such a positive start to a season. The excitement that was beaming from our camper’s faces as they stepped off the bus was contagious. We feel humbled and privileged to be part of creating this world that allows children to grow, play, sing, dance, and forge lifelong friendships with peers and staff — device free! We can’t thank you enough for partnering with us as we kick off our Morasha 2024 season.

As we’ve shared, the educational theme of this summer is Hineini: To Serve. To Sacrifice. To Step Up. This theme of ‘Hineini’ is multifaceted: It will study, celebrate, and memorialize those who have stood up to protect, defend, support, and fight for our Jewish values and Jewish homeland throughout our people’s history. At the same time, we will also reflect inwardly and learn how we can live these values of commitment, courage, presence, and passion.

While these topics will be the educational focus in camp, I look forward to using my weekly pre-Shabbat emails to highlight how the summer camp experience is uniquely positioned to offer ‘moments of Hineini’ for our campers and staff. After all, each time “Hineni” is used in the Torah, it signifies a turning point or life-changing moment. We’ve spent the past 10 months designing a program that promises to create memories and forge friendships for a lifetime — and we are off to an amazing start.

We, as camp staff, are here to ensure that they are cared for and supported in every way possible. As always, please feel free to reach out if we can be of any help. Until then, enjoy our first PreShabbat Video by clicking here and our Shalhevet Newsletter by clicking here.

From our home to yours, wishing you and your family a Shabbat Shalom, with prayers for peace and a safe return of our hostages.

Jeremy Joszef
Director, Camp Morasha

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