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Packing Guidance


Children thrive best in a structured environment. We’ve creating this ‘Packing Guide’ to not only help you with your camp preparations but, most importantly, to set your children up for a successful camp season. Good luck and we’re here to help.


For your convenience, we have updated our recommended packing list for our campers. To print more copies of our packing list, please click here. Additionally, please be cognizant of our dress code when shopping for camp, which can be reviewed by clicking here. In addition to the items on the packing list, please note the following general pointers:

1. Label EVERYTHING with your child’s name!

2. DO NOT pack in more than two pieces of luggage for your child. Packing more than two bags is a clear indication that you’ve packed too much, which will only cause stress to your camper. Trust us!

3. Please see the Policy Guide for guidelines on phones and electronics.

4. Not all campers will require a sleeping bag during the summer. Typically, Younger Shtilim, Older Shtilim, and Ilanot Boys (for overnights) and Manhigim and Manhigot campers (for their second session two-day trip) use sleeping bags during the summer.


As shared earlier this year, we have invested in refurnishing and reorganizing every bunkhouse in camp. Our new setup involves bunk beds only, set up around the perimeter of each bunk, leaving the center of the bunk empty. This open bunk layout will ensure a more organized and clean layout while affording a more enhanced community feel. Below is a detailed list of what storage space will be available for each child — and how you can best plan for this setup:

Personal Cubby: Each camper will be assigned to a dedicated wooden cubby unit. Each unit has five large cubbies, with the inside of each cubby measuring 19” wide x 12.75” tall. These cubbies are typically used to store clothing, linen, and towels. Boys should NOT bring clothes on hangers as their clothing is folded into the cubbies. Girls have limited hanging space available in their bunkhouses and should bring hangers if they’d like to hang clothing.

Under-Bed Storage: Campers typically store nosh and shoes underneath their beds. Please see below for helpful pointers on adhering to our camper’s food allergy policy. It’s important to bring bins that will fit underneath the camper’s designated side underneath his or her bunkbed. Each camper will have a total under-bed storage space of of 35” wide x 30” deep x 18” high. Finally, if you choose to send nosh, it must fit within a bin with a max capacity of 9.25 gallons (37 quarts) and measure 18″ high or less.

Other Storage: In addition to the personal cubby and under-bed storage, please note the following: Campers like to bring plastic drawers to store loose items, socks, and underwear. ONLY the small 3-drawer (approx. max of 25” x 12” x 14”) units are allowed. Laundry must be placed in laundry bags. Please do not send pop-up laundry bins. As discussed above, shoes will be stored underneath the bed. There is no place for hanging organizers. We will providing porch storage space for sports equipment and water bottle / gatorade cases.


Our first priority is the safety and health of our campers. Aside from Opening Day and Visiting Day, no package containing any food or drinks is to be sent to campers. This includes shipping or sending food with visitors or guests. ALL packages are directed to the Main Office, opened, and any food will be removed. Additionally, no perishables, including meat, may be sent up with campers or staff. A large fridge is placed on every bunk porch to store cold drinks only. WE ARE A NUT-SENSITIVE CAMP. We have many campers who have SEVERE allergies. The Camp Morasha kitchen and canteen do not prepare or serve any food products that contain peanuts, tree nuts or sesame, OR offer products that are labeled “made in a facility that processes nuts.” Nosh brought to camp may not contain any such products. For your convenience, we have included two lists: Popular snack items that pose no problem with this policy and popular snack mistakes that often need to be confiscated.


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