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Morasha 2022 Bus Departure Times


  • Long Island Bus: Boarding at 9:30 am, departure at 10:00 am, from Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream (Men’s Macy’s Lot)
  • New Jersey Bus: Boarding at 10:30 am, departure at 11:00 am, from Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus (AMC Lot)


  • Long Island Bus: Boarding at 8:00 am, departure at 8:30 am, from Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream (Men’s Macy’s Lot)
  • New Jersey Bus: Boarding at 8:30 am, departure at 9:00 am, from Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus (AMC Lot)
  • Westchester Bus: Boarding at 8:30 am, departure at 9:00 am, from William B Ward School in New Rochelle
  • Airport Bus: Coach bus transportation will arrive at Newark Airport to pick up our CA group flight (and any other non-group flight camper landing at Newark Airport) at 9:00 am and then our FL group flight at 2:15 pm. Camp staff will be at each arrival to greet our campers and chaperone them up to camp.



  • Long Island: Boarding at 8:00 am, departure at 8:30 am, from Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream (Men’s Macy’s Lot)
  • New Jersey: Boarding at 9:00 am, departure at 9:30 am, from Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus (AMC Lot)




  • Long Island: Boarding at 8:00 am, departure at 8:30 am, from Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream (Men’s Macy’s Lot)
  • New Jersey: Boarding at 9:00 am, departure at 9:30 am, from Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus (AMC Lot)


  • New Jersey: From Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus (AMC Lot) at approximately 4:45 – 5:15 pm.
  • Green Acres Mall: From Green Acres Mall (Men’s Macy’s Lot) at approximately 5:45 – 6:15 pm.
  • Pick Up: If you plan to pick up your child at camp please come to the Main Office at 2:00 pm city time, where your child will be waiting with his/her luggage.



The Greatest Showman!

Last night, girls campus wowed us with their performance in “The Greatest Showman.” The Mercazia was transformed into a circus tent and the main acts featured beautiful singing, dancing, gymnastics, and more. From the authentic costumes to the scenery, ambiance, and the amazingly talented performers, including campers, staff, and Yachad, it was a night to remember. Kudos to director Sally Shatzkes on another well-done production!


Girls Win Shiria!

The highlight of our week was Shiria, our annual boys versus girls singing competition, focused on our Summer of Simcha theme. Both campuses spent hours practicing and perfecting their songs, culminating in an inspiring evening of achdut, creativity and ruach. From the meaningful song choices to the melodious harmonies and from the impressive soloists to the talented camper band, it was an amazing event where campers truly shined. The girls wowed the audience with renditions of “Acheinu” and “Im Eshkacheich” and boys campus sang “Od’cha” and an original medley of wedding songs. The scores were close, and although the boys won “Song of the Night” for “Od’cha,” Girls Campus was ultimately declared the winner!


Great Big Challah Bake!

Girls campus united Wednesday for the second annual Great Big Challah Bake. It was amazing to see campers of all ages, decked out in colorful Morasha aprons, join together to perform this special mitzvah. Led by Lauren Goldstein, our Head of Baking, we watched an original “MoraChef” video demonstration explaining how to mix the ingredients properly and how to knead and braid the dough. Leah Moskovich told a powerful story and explained the mitzvah of Hafrashat Challah. Every person baked their own Challah, and we can’t wait to taste them on Shabbos!


Visiting Day!

We were excited to welcome family and friends to Morasha on Sunday for Visiting Day. Under sunny blue skies, we greeted our guests and showed them what makes Morasha so special. On campus, there were bounce houses and slides, as well as horseback riding, rock climbing, ceramics, street art and more. Many enjoyed homemade pizza in our spacious new dining hall, while others sat outdoors and in our canteen, spending quality time with family while snacking on slushies and other treats, and playing foosball and ping pong. It was a fantastic day for our extended Morasha family! After saying our goodbyes, we were treated to a fun hypnotist show at night!


Going for the Gold

The highlight of this week was Olympics XIII, as campers represented the countries of Australia, Italy, Kenya and Spain. Morasha was transformed into a mini Olympic Village, with each country’s flags displayed, athletes proudly decked out in their country’s colors, and themed meals and decorations enhancing the dining room. From the opening torch ceremony at the Coliseum, to the final gold medal distribution, there was something for everyone. There were group activities in athletics and aquatics, as well as a bucket brigade, marathon, triathlon, and Stomp competition. Arm wresting, jump rope, subway surfer, home run derby, foosball and gymnastics were just some of the fun skills & strengths competitions. But the Olympics wasn’t only about fun and games. We also heard inspiring messages from renowned motivational speaker Jon Pritikin, as well as Rabbi Seth Mandell, whose son Koby was killed in a terrorist attack in Israel. At night, we enjoyed a half-time show outdoor Film Festival, choosing from three movies, “Wonder,” “Hidden Figures,” and “Remember the Titans,” with each focused on the relevant theme of resilience. After two days of competitive fun, led by their fearless ambassadors and coaches, Spain was declared the winner, with the most gold medals.


Terrific Week Two

Week Two was a jam-packed whirlwind of fun, as campers had a blast enjoying regular activities and participating in special events. We started off on a more serious note to commemorate Shiva Assar B’Tammuz, as we fasted, davened and were inspired by meaningful learning programs, with ice cream sundaes as a break-fast dessert.

On Monday, girls campus enjoyed Studio247, a new program that focused on staying healthy – physically, mentally and spiritually. Sporting their new Morasha headbands and water bottles, campers enjoyed a variety of classes, including Krav Maga, Kangoo dancing, jump rope, army training, and soul cycle. At the same time, Boys Campus also worked up a sweat while competing in their annual FIFA tournament, with dozens of soccer teams represented by different countries, from Aruba to Zimbabwe.

Wednesday, we celebrated July 4th, decked out in red, white and blue. We had a delicious BBQ and watched a stunning fireworks display over the lake, enjoying the view from our new Dining Hall patio. Thursday was Trip Day! We had an amazing time at Dorney Park, with an exhilarating day full of rides, roller coasters and games.

Can’t wait for Olympics next week!


Let the Magic Begin!

We greeted a record-breaking number of campers on Wednesday for what promises to be another fantastic summer! The rain didn’t put a damper on the excitement of Opening Day, as campers eagerly ran off the bus, meeting counselors and friends, and admiring the beautiful new Dining Hall and Canteen we built this year. 

Opening festivities kicked off in the Mercazia Performing Arts Center with a special concert by music star Eitan Katz. The energy and ruach were incredible as each division cheered, sang and danced. We also met our amazing division heads and were introduced to this summer’s theme: A Summer of Simcha!

Regular activities were in full swing with sports, swim, baking, art, fishing, archery, horseback riding and more, in addition to two new specialties for this season: Dance Dance Revolution and Woodshop. Night activities were off to a great start as well, with pool parties and army nights setting the stage for a summer of non-stop fun! With FIFA, July 4th and Trip Day coming up next, we are looking forward to an even more amazing second week at Morasha! 


From Darkness to Light

Powerful. Inspiring. Unifying. Transformative. These are some of the words that come to mind when reflecting on our incredible experiences this past week at Morasha.

As Tisha B’Av began Monday night, marking the saddest day on our Jewish calendar, we participated in a somber torch procession to Boys Campus to hear Megilat Eicha. We sang together and watched the words “Yersushalayim Shel Zahav” burn into the night sky. Campers enjoyed a moving video presentation and program connecting the tragedy of Tisha B’Av to our times. The next day, we davened, recited Kinot and participated in special activities connected to the fast. May we merit to see the Beit Hamikdash rebuilt speedily in our days!

On Wednesday night, just 48 hours later, we followed that same path to the Mercazia, also carrying torches. But the contrast was remarkable. This time, we were happily waving flags and glowsticks, with upbeat music playing in the background, as we joyously sang and danced in honor of the dedication of a new Sefer Torah, part of our poignant transition from darkness to light. The Torah was generously sponsored by Bernice and Seme Joszef, parents of our director Jeremy Joszef. It was written in memory of Bernice’s mother, who heroically hid and saved many Torah scrolls in Romania during the Holocaust.

During the day, campers attended special interactive shiurim to learn hands-on about the mitzvah of Ketivat Sefer Torah, from a Sofer and our Education Staff, and many also had the privilege of writing a letter in the Torah. When the ink dried on the final letter, the entire camp danced the Torah to its new home in the Mercazia, where we enjoyed an amazing concert and beautiful kumsitz with Simcha Leiner! It was heartwarming and inspiring to see how campers and staff truly appreciated the sanctity of this unique mitzvah. They displayed incredible achdut, ruach and excitement as they shared together in the celebration and helped make the evening especially memorable, lebedik, fun and meaningful.


Chesed Begins at Home

Doing Chesed and learning Torah are some of our core values here at Morasha, and those values were on full display during the Nine Days. Over 700 campers and staff members participated in our “Morasha Runs for HASC” Marathon and raised $42,000 to donate to our friends at Camp HASC. Our Alufot girls ran a carnival at HASC and participated in a Habitat for Humanity project. Our popular Chesed specialty also allows our campers to help others on a regular basis; whether it’s writing letters to soldiers or decorating socks for sick children to wear in the hospital, we are constantly thinking of those in need. We were also extremely proud to celebrate with many staff members, as well as campers, who made a Siyum on their learning to allow the camp to eat meat meals almost every night. Mazel Tov!


Nine Days Play

Last night, we were privileged to watch “Please Note,” an original Nine Days play created, written and directed by our own Sally Shatzkes. “Please Note” poignantly depicted what was happening at the Kotel throughout different eras in Jewish history and highlighted the long-standing tradition of putting notes between the stones of the Kotel. It was an inspiring and thought-provoking performance that gave the audience a unique experience from an unexpected perspective. After watching the show, campers attended debriefing sessions led by members of our education staff to help everyone process and discuss the play and its complex and meaningful messages, setting an appropriately introspective tone to start off the Nine Days. 


Yom Yisrael

On Thursday, Morasha was a sea of blue and white as we celebrated Yom Yisrael. Our Mishlachat organized fun activities to teach us about Israel, its history and culture. With interactive learning sessions, yummy pita baking, an awesome “Escape the Room” challenge and more, it was a fun and educational day and a wonderful way to honor our sacred homeland. In the afternoon, the whole campus gathered together for an inspiring Tekes in the Mercazia. Am Yisrael Chai! 


Night at the Tony’s

Girls campus enjoyed an incredible night on Wednesday, when they watched our female campers and staff members perform in “Night at the Tony’s,” including a pre-show dessert reception and red carpet entrance. The evening’s theme was “Rising Against the Tide,” and the show featured heroines from hit Broadway musicals who overcame obstacles and defied societal expectations to stand up for what they believed in. From Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” to Ariel in “The Little Mermaid,” and from Elphaba and Glinda in “Wicked” to Éponine in “Les Misérables,” our Morasha actresses stepped out of their comfort zones to take on these challenging roles and wowed the audience with their confidence, amazing vocals, beautiful choreography and stellar acting skills. Special shout-out to our girls division heads for a great lip syncing number and some of our male senior staff for a surprise cameo performance. Kudos to director Sally Shatzkes for a job well done!


Olympics XII

We kicked off Morasha Olympics XII on Sunday night with our annual torch ceremony at the Coliseum! Athletes from China, England, Jamaica and Mexico competed with their squads and showed off their talents in athletics, aquatics, and skills and strengths, led by their fearless ambassadors. For two days, campers shined across the fields and on the courts in individual and group competitions — from marathons and triathlons to subway surfer challenges and jumprope competitions, in arm wrestling matches and archery contests and so much more, with every camper playing to their strengths. We were also treated to an amazing half-time show with magician and illusionist Eric Wilzig, who wowed the crowd with his unbelievable tricks and daring stunts. The Morasha Olympics XII was truly an amazing display of creativity, achdut and passion as each country worked together, with Mexico earning the most gold medals for the win!


Shiria: Jerusalem of Gold

Last night’s Shiria was incredible! The theme was Jerusalem: City of Gold, celebrating 50 years since the city’s reunification. Both campuses spent countless hours practicing their songs and musical arrangements, culminating in an inspiring evening of achdut, creativity and ruach. From the meaningful song choices to the melodious harmonies and from the impressive soloists to the talented camper band, it was an amazing event where campers truly shined. The boys wowed the audience with original renditions of “Aleh Aleh” and “Im Eshkacheich” and girls campus performed beautiful versions of “Kanfei Nesharim” and “Yerushalayim Harim Saviv La.” The Mishlachat also came on stage together to sing “Yerushalayim Shel Zahav,” which really helped set the tone for a special evening. In addition, we watched two videos highlighting the importance of Yerushalayim, including a “music video” featuring incredible vocals from several campers, and one in which staff members shared their impressions of our Holy City. After the scores were tallied up, Boys Campus was declared the winner, breaking the girls’ two-year winning streak. A great night was had by all!